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The Making of The Cutting Page

The Cutting Page was born in 2016 at The Bird Nest. I had jumped around from salon to salon trying to find where I most fit in. I tried kids cutting places, barbershops and salon receptionist job, but nothing felt right. I finally stubbled across The Bird Nest which was the most magical place I had ever seen. Inside the antique house, it was filled with 4 hairstylists and many local artists masterpieces. I started off with not that many clients but worked my other jobs ( bartending at augurs and naples pizza truck) to cover my rent. I rented a chair in that little brown house for 4 years. I built many relationships with new clients and started to think out of the box for what was next for me.  My dad came up with this idea that he wanted to own a building and flip it so that I would have a salon downstairs and he would rent the apartment upstairs. I was never one of those people that wanted to own my own salon someday. As a family we explored about 5 to 8 houses that we imagined turning into a salon, nothing felt right. The only building I fell in love with was way out of our price range. Our realtor finally put it together that one of his employees wanted to get out of her salon. I finally decided to check it out even though I was set on Guilford. I fell in love with it the minute I walked in, and now it was on to the financial aspect of it. All while this was happening, the pandemic of the Corona virus was happening and the world shut down until June 2020. We bought the salon May 8, 2020. With signing the paperwork, I already had two girls working for me and five renters. Fast forward to 2022 and I have one employee, Tyler Dunn and seven renters. When you walk through the doors, we want you to feel at home and comfortable. This year, we have added a boutique called The Salted Crown. Keeping up with the lastest fashion, it is sure not to disappoint. 

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